About Us

“We support to build safety, and high quality ships”
This is our mission.

Our company history origins back in 1978. We started new shipbuilding supervising and the new shipbuilding consultant which became our main businesses. Afterwards, we changed our name to MEC Co., Ltd. and the ship management business was started in 2004 In May 2011, we formed “ Marine Engineering Corporation”.

We are proud to be in a part of ship building , and we are trying to improve our knowledge and skills.

We take our mission and try our best to support “We support to build safety, and high quality ships”.

Marin Engineering Corporation

Company Profile

Company Name Marine Engineering Corporation
Address 9th Floor,TK Monzen-Nakacho Bldg, 1-2-13,Ecchujima,Koto,Tokyo,Japan
TEL +81-3-5639-9834
FAX +81-3-5639-9835
Establishment April,2011
Executive Officers Chief Operating Officer,Ryuta Kazusa
Capital 20 million yen
Main Businesses New Ship building
Ship Management
Supplier (Ship's machinery)


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Marine Engineering Corporation  9:00-18:00 TEL:03-5639-9834
9th Fl., 2-13, Ecchujima 1-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0044 JAPAN