New Building Project

写真Building a new ship is a large investment for our ship owners. Thus, prior to any newbuilding project, New Building Project Team carries out newbuilding supervision such as the approval of drawings, kick-off meeting, block inspection, propulsion machinery and test runs at sea in compliance with the demands of our clients.

Site Manager

  • Supervision of Superintendent
  • Progress management
  • Quality management
  • Inspection management
  • Management of Superintendent and Site Inspector
  • Checking reports to owners


  • Assistant to the Site Manager
  • Reporting to the owners
  • Management and operation of the progress, quality and inspection
  • Supervision of the Site Inspector

Site Inspector

  • Assistant to the Superintendent
  • Paint inspection
  • Block inspection
  • Frisio certificate holder
  • Nace cip 1 certificate holder

Project Team

To satisfy clients' needs by building top of the line ships

  • Project site manager, site superintendent, and site inspector will issue Non-conformity reports to yard QA and class.
  • Plan modification, local calculation, FEM analysis, NDT, all to be involved with class. Confirmation survey, inspection to conclusion of construcion.
  • akers direct comment will be discussed, involve class in case of non-conformity.
  • Scheduled and non-scheduled patrol inspection result detail record.

1 Kick-off meeting (at the beginning)

The object of the meeting is to ensure agreement between Yard and Owner with Supervising Company (N.B project team) about the execution of the project including extent of approval and inspection on the basis of class rules with building specification.
Participants: Owner, Yards, Class, N.B project team

2 Quality assurance meetings (weekly)

To exchange information and discuss at weekly meeting
  • Status of progress
  • Class survey performance
  • Documentation status
  • Corrective action to solve deficiencies / non-conformities
Participants: Yards, Class, Owner, N.B project team


Details of the qualifications of our N.B project team.

13 Site managers
  • Tanker experience: VLCC, Chemical Tanker, Product Tanker, & Mega Container; new building: more than 5 years - 6 site Managers,
      more than 10 years - 2 site managers
  • 1 Class I Marine Chief Engineer
  • 2 FROSIO Level III holders, 2 NACE Level II holders
7 Superintendents
  • Tanker experience: VLCC, Chemical Tanker, Product Tanker, & Mega Container; new building: more than 5 years
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • 3 FROSIO Level III holder, 1 NACE Level I holder
6 Assistant Inspectors
  • Assist superintendent
  • Paint Inspection, Block(welding) Inspection

What is FROSIO?

FROSIO is a professional council established in Norway with the aim of elevating the quality level within all aspects of the surface treatment trades. It certifies inspectors in accordance with NS 476 and is recognized as an international qualification concerning all aspects of surface treatment.

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